The Island of Fire.


Summers are magical in Fire Island Pines.



There is something about being on Fire Island that changes New Yorkers.  Everyone you meet has a smile on their face.  People replace “get the fuck out of my way” with “Hello, how are you” and a smile.  It’s a stragne phenomenon that one might guess can only be attributed to the the Vitamin D, and I’m not being faceceous.


Fire island is a community unlike any other I’ve visited.  The cell service is spotty. There are no cars allowed on the ilsand. The homes for the most part are the bare essentials.  Despite all of the isands transient inhabitant seem happy as a clams.  Maybe the moral of the story is one of those “less really is more” type scenarios.  Its actually quite incredible to see the attitude and facade of New York City stripped away to reveal everyonesbest behavior.



If you haven’t visited Fire Island, I suggest at the very least a day trip to see for yourself what it is that everyone is talking about.


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