Music Festivals: A short essentials guide.


“Everything I need fits in my backpack”


When attending any outdoor event or festival, “how little can I take with me” always comes to mind. Basically, can everything I need fit in a small backpack and is it light enough to carry all day. Spoiler alert, the answer is yes, and it’s more than you think.

It couldn’t have been a nicer day if LORDE’s self proclaimed witchcraft and sorcery hadn’t already given festival goers crystal clear skies and mild 70’s temps at Friday’s Gov Ball 2017 festivities.  I have never attended a festival with such perfect weather. The crowd was thriving in their 90’s homage looks and throwback 70’s attire.  Mesh, glitter, and reflective shades added the finishing touches, and the instagram moments didn’t disappoint.


What makes up the essentials for pro a festival goer you ask?

Selfie Stick, check. Obviously sunglasses, collapsable water bottle, and travel size sunscreen are necessary. Fashionable look, with matching accessories (DUH).  And don’t forget the couch…


Yea, we did it. We brought our own inflatable couch and it was hands down the biggest hit of the day.  Even better. EVERYTHING FIT IN MY BACKPACK!  I’ve always been the one searching for a comfortable place to sit between festival acts, the ground isn’t an option. NOT ANY LONGER MY FRIENDS! “Thats the move”, why didn’t we think of this before. It took less than am minute to set up, and goes right back a small pouch almost as fast.  I’m not joking when I tell you that at least 100 people commented on it, or asked where we got it. (We got ours HERE) It was LEGIT!


My Gov-Ball 2017 pack

Music Festivals are arguably one of my favorite things in the world.  Being compact and mobile makes a huge difference.  Packing the essentials and making sure you’re comfortable is key.   The image above is what I brought with me to Gov Ball this year.  Everything fits inside the backpack and weighs next to nothing. I was also able to stow away my Canon Rebel T3i, sunscreen and water bottle in the bag.

So wether you’re festival of choice is Gov Ball, Coachelle, Austin City Limits, of FYRE (cough), the packing list is simple. Keep it simple, and comfortable. Stay hydrated and protect your skin. Oh and bring the living room.


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