A pool party good enough to EAT.


The FRUITY FLOATS really pop and look downright delicious.


This summer we decided to spike the pool punch with floats good enough to eat.  Every year pools toys have visibly trending items.  This year these yummy fruity inflatables were calling our name! Lets be real, how great does Jill look floating on that Pineapple.


The difference between a regular pool party and a STYLD-UP! pool party is the photo op.  Because who doesn’t want to instagram themselves riding a Big Banana?  This year during our annual Palm Springs getaway, we decided to go for a fruit cocktail vibe.  Seriously, we’re loving this photo op.


If you’d asked us what we wanted from Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetite” video we’d have said this…  Honestly what is sexier than floating around the pool on one of these bad boys? The giant Unicorn, so 2016. We’ve moved on.  We are calling the trend for 2017 pools, and lucky for you the forecast is fruity.


Orange you glad we told you? Click the link to start shopping for FRUITY FLOATS!!!!


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